These posters & art prints are part of a larger lot of over 3.5 million posters, pictures & prints that I cleared out of a warehouse years ago. All of the prints are New Old Stock (NOS) produced in the 90's and early 2000's.

I am not the creator, nor did I produce these prints, I merely purchased the warehouse contents of a Vermont Art publishing company that went out of business in 2010.

For more info visit: www.bulkartprints.com/news

There is no possible way that I can sell them all one at a time, I am interested in finding buyers willing to buy bulk lots, $250+,  at a discounted price that is fair for both of us. 

Due to the wide range of paper types, thicknesses and quality used when these prints were produced, I will no longer sell bulk lots until you have first received a sample of the print(s) you are interested in.

Once you receive your samples and are satisfied, you will be able to contact me to negotiate & arrange a bulk order.

If & When you place a bulk order, the full purchase price of this sample, including shipping fees, will be deducted from your first order.

If you're not satisfied with the sample, you may return it for a full refund.

As a general rule, Bulk order prices will start at (L x W x $0.01 x Quantity) down to (L x W x $0.001 x Quantity) for larger quantities. There will be exceptions to the rule depending on the type & quality of the poster or print.

Total Liquidation is the Goal. Once they're gone, there will be no more.

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